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Masterclass (09-16 March 2021)

This masterclass is designed for QMYPC2021 participants who would like to develop their skills further. We are very honored to have world-renowned and internationally acclaimed pianists Alexey Pudinov, Dragos A Cantea, Grzegorz Niemczuk, and Poom Prommachart to accept our invitation to hold masterclasses after the competition. 

Interested participants must indicate their interest by filling in details in the QMYPC Registration form. As slots are very limited, only a limited number of registrants will be given a slot. Eligibility will be on first-come-first-serve basis. 

Adjudicators will refer to the competition's recording submission.

Masterclass Fees

Active Participants Fees: $110

Duration: 30 minutes

Passive Participants:

Free for QMYPC Participants and Quatre Music Organization’s Members.

1 Time Fee for QMYPC non-participant (eg. teachers, parents): $50

The space will be confirmed only upon payment. If payment is not received within the time given, the space will then be given to the next participant. We encourage you to register early for the Competition to stand a chance of getting a slot.

To reserve the timeslot and payment, Please click below:

Please fill in the participant's full name on the "Add a note" and fill in Shipping details accurately before check out.


86934380 - Evelyn


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